Chapter Team MS

All event cover pages must be prepared as if the students are going
to national conference June 27-July 1, 2020 in Nashville, TN.


Shannon Harris,



Valerie McCauley,


Participants take a written parliamentary procedures test in order to qualify for the semifinals, in which they conduct an opening ceremony, items of business, parliamentary actions, and a closing ceremony within a specified time period.

Event Guidelines are located on the National TSA website under your chapter advisor login screen, select Total TSA from the drop-down menu.


Entries are limited to three teams of six per chapter. Teams do not have to be elected officers of the local TSA chapter.


*Team members will take a written test over parliamentary procedures March 1 - 15, 2020 to determine the semifinalists for oral presentation. Students will take the test individually and scores will be averaged for a team score.  Testing information has been sent directly to your school testing liaison if you set one up with us, in previous years.  If you have not sent us that information or you need to change who your liaison is, please send an email to Subject line: TSA Testing Liaison, and let me know their name, title, and email address.


The MS Chapter Team rubric, Parliamentary actions section, on page 72 should read:

Minimal performance
Only one (1) of the required actions is completed correctly.          

Adequate performance
At least two (2) of the actions are completed correctly, with adequate effort. 

Exemplary performance
All three (3) actions are completed correctly, with notable and inspiring effort.


LEAP requirements, page 61, have been updated to read as follows: A team LEAP Response is required for this event and must be submitted at event check-in (see LEAP Program).

EVALUATION, page 63, rule 1a has been eliminated. The new EVALUATION guidelines are as follows:

Evaluation is based on:

1. Written exam—Scores on a test of fifty (50) questions determine the semifinalist teams for the oral presentation

          a. Each team’s average written test score is used to determine the twelve (12) semifinalist teams.
          b.      A team’s average test score is included in the final results.


2. The content and quality of the LEAP Response (semifinalist teams only). Refer to the official rating form for more information. Updated 11/27/17

          For both the middle and high school Chapter Team events, each individual on the team will take the written test. All six (6) of the individual’s written test scores will be averaged together to determine the team’s score. Updated 2/28/18

The Official Rating Form (at the top) should read:



















If the event has a theme or problem, to be posted before the conference, it will be located at the national website. Please click the button on the side under "Event Themes!" to get there.

Click Here for Examples of this Competition was created by Oklahoma TSA!

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