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Coding MS


Participants prepare for and demonstrate their knowledge of computer science and coding by taking a test. Semifinalists further demonstrate program knowledge by participating in a programming challenge within a specified, limited amount of time. Completed solutions are objectively measured to determine the best and most effective solution for the stated problem.

2021-22 Helpful Information


To prepare for MS Coding competition, teams should have knowledge of concepts (software development, computer science, and coding topics) that will be on the Coding written test. They also should be familiar and comfortable with using the Scratch programming language. Scratch is a free visual programming language available from the MIT Media Lab ( An offline version of the Scratch tool should be downloaded and available on each team's laptop.

Teams that advance to the semifinalist level, based on written test performance, will perform a challenge using the Scratch programming language. Semifinalist teams will receive the challenge on site and will have two hours to complete it. (PLEASE NOTE: Semifinalist teams MUST have a version of this program available for offline use, as there will be no internet access available during the semifinalist level of competition.)

Examples of the types of challenges students may be asked to complete can be found at this link:

Oklahoma Eligibility

Entries are limited to two (2) teams of two(2) individuals per chapter

State Competition Information


Team members will take an online exam over computer science and coding from March 1 - 25, 2022 to determine the semifinalists for the on-site challenge.  Students will take the test individually and scores will be averaged for a team score. Testing information has been sent directly to your school testing liaison if you set one up in previous years. If you have not sent that information or need to change who your liaison is, please send an email to, with the subject line: TSA Testing Liaison.



Careers Associated

  • Computer Software Engineer

  • Mathematician

Contact Information

The people listed below are familiar with the event and available to give guidance. Please email them if you have questions regarding this event.

Jeff Wooden

Event Coordinator

Susan James

Event Manager

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