Virtual Reality Visualization (VR) HS

Virtual Reality Visualization (VR) HS

# Description

Participants use video and 3D computer graphics tools and design processes to create a two-to-three minute VR visualization (accompanied by supporting documentation) that addresses the annual theme. Semifinalists deliver a presentation abut their visualization and participate in an interview.

# Theme

2022-2023 Theme: Create a virtual reality visualization that will assist a shelter in the adoption of pets. The VR must include a virtual meet with at least one adoptable animal as well as showcase the facility and the process for adoption.

Careers Associated

  • Computer Animator

  • Game Designer

  • Instructional Technologist

  • Software Engineer

# Eligibility

Oklahoma: Entries are limited to three (3) teams per chapter; individual entries are permitted.

# Coordinators

The individuals listed below are familiar with the event and available to give guidance. Please email them if you have questions regarding this event.

Alan Bell

Event Manager