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Cybersecurity MS



Participants complete a cybersecurity exam covering general cybersecurity vocabulary and knowledge needed to execute tasks commonly performed by all levels of cybersecurity professionals alike. Participants prepare a presentation addressing a specific cybersecurity issue and present to a group of hypothetical corporate board members (i.e. judges). Participants must explain the importance of cybersecurity and why it is essential that the organization invest in such measures.

2021-2022 Problem Challenge


Employees of 1904 Enterprises have recently been clicking on links downloading malware onto their network. As a result, they are worried about a potential ransomware attack. Explain some measures that could be implemented in their workplace.

​Oklahoma Eligibility

Entries are limited to two (2) individuals per chapter.

Contact Information

The people listed below are familiar with this event and available to give guidance. Please email them if you have questions.

Tevin Austin

Event Coordinator

Paul Wollenberg

Event Manager


Careers Associated

  • Information Support & Services

  • Network Systems

  • Programming & Software Development

  • Web & Digital Communications

  • Technical Support Specialist

  • Computer Software Engineer

  • Cybersecurity Engineer

  • Cryptographer

  • Cyber Crime Investigator

  • Cyber Defense Incident Responder

  • Cyber Forensics Expert

  • Cyber Legal Advisor

  • Cyber Operator

  • Vulnerability Assessor


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