Uncle Bob's CAD Cabin


Your Uncle Bob has a rustic 400 square foot cabin located on his land on a mesa top in the Glass Mountains near Woodward, Oklahoma.  He wants to upgrade the cabin to a desireable off-grid cabin for peak VRBO season this coming summer. To do that he needs to modernize and he has asked you to take care of the electrification, buying all the appliances and setting up a gaming area for his new gaming system.  He has set aside $25,000 for you to spend on the materials you need and the installation for what he has asked you to take care of (click here for specific details). 


  1. Participants must upload a multipage PDF of the design solution including the budget.



Submit the entry as a PDF via this submission link by January 30, 2021. The winner of the monthly challenge will be featured as the Outstanding Member of the Month on OKTSA social media.