Oklahoma T-Shirt Design Monthly Challenge


Participants create a design for the T-Shirt Oklahoma TSA members will wear during the trip to the National Conference. 


1.     Design should include the following topics in some manner:


  • Oklahoma (shape, words, etc.)

  • TSA (or complete spelling)

  • Current year

  • Current national conference site (city and state)

  • National Conference Theme

  • The design may include the TSA logo however it is not required


2.     The design does not have to be camera-ready, although it should be drawn as neatly as possible.  Any style of lettering is  acceptable and originality is a key to winning.

3.     It is advisable that the design fit on an 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper. In the event of the creativeness of the design that extends beyond this size, please use discretion in maintaining a design, which will be proportional to fit on the T-shirt itself.

4.     The design may be drawn in any color ink. Oklahoma TSA will edit and produce the final design for the T-shirts.

5.     No more than four colors total



Submit the entry as a PDF via this submission link by November 30, 2020. The winner of the monthly challenge will be featured as the Outstanding Member of the Month on OKTSA social media.