Digital Video Production HS

Applying leadership and 21st century skills, participants use digital video skills, tools, and processes to communicate, entertain, inform, analyze, or illustrate the annual theme.

# Theme

Careers Associated

  • Audio/Video Operator or Technician

  • Cinematographer

  • Film/Video Editor

  • Screen Editor

# Guidelines


Event Guidelines are located on the National TSA website under your chapter advisor login screen, select Total TSA tab.

# Eligibility

Entries are limited to three teams per chapter.

# State Competition Info

  • Must be submitted on a USB flash drive in MP4 format. 


  • Documentation materials (comprising “a portfolio”) are required and must be placed in a multi-page, single file PDF on a USB drive.


  • USB flash drive should be submitted secured in the documentation portfolio


# Updates

# Coordinators

Rodney Humble

Event Coordinator

David Isenbart

Event Manager