Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  If we are competing in a team event, do we physically need to be in the same room for the interview or can we join the interview from separate computers?

A: Please follow  your school's local guidelines on social distancing.  Oklahoma TSA will not require you to be altogether, so you may join the Zoom interview from different locations or you may be altogether in the same physical room and join the Zoom interview from one computer.

Q:  I am trying to register and my students do not show up.

A: When adding students, leave the search boxes blank.  This will bring up all your students that have been added to your TSA membership at the national membership site.  If they are still not listed, go back to the national site and add them.

Q:  How many TSA members make up a team?

A: Each event has different requirements. Please read the official guidelines for team number requirements and visit the specific page for the competitive event you are competing in for Oklahoma modifications if applicable.  The maximum number of participants on a team is six (6) if not specified.

Q:  Where can I find the required forms?

A: All forms can be found at