What is LEAP?


TSA's leadership program, LEAP – which stands for “Leadership.  Education.  Achievement.  Personal Growth.” is available to all members at no cost. The purpose of LEAP is to encourage students to be the best member they can be as they seek knowledge about themselves, the organization, and their community, while demonstrating leadership. LEAP is a customized program specifically developed for the Technology Student Association.  LEAP brings to life the TSA motto, creed, and mission statement.                                     


Middle School (Level 1)


LEAP Response Individual Event Instructions

LEAP Response Statement Example Chart


LEAP Response Template - Individual Event

LEAP Response Template - Team Event

LEAP Response Judging Protocol

High School (Level 2)


LEAP Report/Interview Guidelines

Report Statement Example Chart

LEAP Report Instructions

LEAP Report Template


Legacy Chapter


LEAP Legacy Chapter Program Guidelines


LEAP Legacy Chapter Portfolio


LEAP Legacy Chapter – Sample Activities


LEAP Legacy Chapter Activity Summary and Evidence Sample


LEAP Legacy Chapter Evaluation Rubric