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Mass Production MS


Participants manufacture a marketable product addressing the annual theme. Teams create three (3) identical copies of a product to demonstrate their skill and knowledge pertaining to the mass production process, however, the official entry is comprised of a documentation portfolio and only one (1) prototype. Semifinalist present their product and participate in an interview.

2021-2022 Theme


Design Challenge: Random novelty office desk item

Oklahoma Eligibility

One (1) team of at least three (3) individual per chapter

Contact Information


The individuals listed below are familiar with the event and available to give guidance. Please email them if you have questions regarding this event.

John Potter

Event Coordinator

David Isenbart

Event Manager

mass production.jpg

Careers associated

  • Electromechanical Engineer

  • Mechanical Drafter

  • Production Planner

  • Standards Engineer

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