Oklahoma Pin Design

Participant will create a design for the lapel pin which Oklahoma TSA members will wear and trade during the trip to the National Conference. The winning entry will earn a $100 registration credit to help defray expenses of the student/chapter winner while attending the TSA National Conference. In the event the winning chapter cannot attend the National Conference the registration credit will not be awarded. This is a non-transferable credit.

This competition is Oklahoma exclusively, and both high school and middle school students may participate.

# Guidelines


1.     Design could include the following topics in some manner:

     a.         Oklahoma (shape, words, etc.)

     b.         TSA (or complete spelling)

     c.         Current year

     d.         Current national conference site (city and state)

     e.         National Conference Theme

2.     The design does not have to be camera-ready, although it should be drawn as neatly as possible.  Any style of lettering is acceptable and originality is a key to winning.

3.     It is advisable that the pin is no larger than 1.5" X 1.5".  But should be printed at the actual size and larger scale to be viewed for voting.  In the event of the creativeness of the design that extends beyond this size, please use discretion.

4.     The design may be drawn in any color ink. Oklahoma TSA will edit and produce the final design for the pin.

5.     Please label the back of your art work with your name, school, and advisors name

# Eligibility

Entries are limited to one entry per chapter.  Does not count as one of the six events each student is eligible to compete in.

# State Competition Info

The design must be submitted by April 1, 2022. The top 12 designs will be voted on by students at the State Conference.

# Coordinators

Paul Wollenberg

Event Manager


# Project Examples

Click here for examples of this competition