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    President - Sean Kuehn

    Instagram: @seanmkuehn Twitter: @seanmkuehn Facebook: Sean Kuehn

    Email: seankuehntsa@gmail.com

    Hey there! Welcome to my officer blog for the year! This will be a place for me to share my commentary on TSA and for you to stay updated on what your Oklahoma Officer Team is up to this year. I'm so grateful to serve you this year as your State President, and communication is a big thing for me- so feel free to contact me throughout the year with your questions by clicking one of the links above!

    Sean's Monthly Blogs


    Symbolized through the celebration of the New Year, January is a time for reflection and assessment. Many goals will be made in this time of new beginnings, but this month I’d like to assess my progress on a few goals I set when I began this journey as your State President. With just three months left before State Conference and the election of a new team, here are a few goals that your state officer team set out at the beginning of the year.

    - Creating new resources and materials for members and advisors- This year your state officer team has made media production a focus, producing lots of video content for our social media. We have also been working to create physical resources, such as our OKTSA calendar and some other packets that will be coming soon.

    - Continuing to connect OKTSA with state delegations- Relationships are super important to me. One of my favorite parts of serving our state is the opportunities I have to communicate with other state officers and leaders to bounce ideas off of them and learn from them. So far this year the team has been working to get input from other state teams and gain some insight into the programs that work well in their state. One example of this is the implementation of our Social Media Team, based off of other state’s standing committees.

    - Strengthening OKTSA's existing chapters while also prioritizing new chapter outreach- To wrap up the year your state officer team is finishing up a few chapter recruitment and retainment initiatives that you’ll be hearing more on in March and April.

    Hopefully this gave you a better idea of what your state team has been up to. Good luck on your competitions!


    Christmas Time is here, and so are competitions! With mini conferences getting started, now is the time to begin selecting your competitions. This is my favorite time of the year, not because of the snow, the lights, or the music, but because this is the time of year that your state team gets to connect with all of you! There is a lot going on in our state right now, one being our all new social media team. This team is made up of five individuals representing chapters from all over the state. These members were selected out of an application process and will work alongside the state team this year to curate content for OKTSA social media, and grow their skill as designers and photographers. I can’t wait to get started with this talented group of individuals. This is not your last chance to get involved on the state level this year though. Any member who is a leader in their chapter, I would like to encourage you to run for a state office. Anyone can make a difference, regardless of experience or skill, and if you are passionate about making your mark in your state organization, I would say that it is worth at least submitting an application. If you have any questions or concerns about running, feel free to contact me and let me know. I’ll see you out there, and good luck on your competitions!


    Thank you to everyone that came out to Fall Leadership Conference in Norman! This year we had over 1,000 students and advisors come together for a day of leadership training and activities. Since I started in TSA, FLC has always been one of my favorite conferences to attend, and I hope that all of our attendees this year were able to get some insight into leadership practices that will allow them and their chapter to succeed this year. For those unable to attend, be sure to check out the FLC page to see slideshows of the presentations that were given this year. Good luck with your events, and I’ll see you next month when miniconferences begin!


    This is the month of opportunity! If you didn’t get the chance to see the FLC theme release video, this year our Fall Leadership Conference will be focusing on your Leadership Horizon, or what's coming up next for your leadership. The opportunities to set yourself and your chapter up for success this year are plenty. Your state officer team is excited to introduce two new opportunities to Oklahoma TSA members. The first of these is the social media team. Members can apply to serve alongside the state officers to generate content and material for Oklahoma TSA social media. Anyone who is interested in learning more about graphic design, or is interested in photography/videography is encouraged to apply through the link in our social media, or contact one of your state officers. The second opportunity is state officer chapter visits. If you are interested in having a state officer attend your chapter meeting, or event contact a state officer or fill out the form on oktsa.org. I can’t wait to see all of you on the 23rd at Fall Leadership Conference in Norman!


    September is an exciting month for the state team, but also very busy! FLC has been our main focus this month as we head to October. September sees the opening of chapter registration, classes getting harder, and the start of Oklahoma’s first member committee! This year you will have the opportunity to work alongside your state officer team on the social media team. This team will be composed of photographers and graphic designers to help give input and create content for OKTSA social media. No matter your skill level or grade, I would encourage you to apply if you are passionate about TSA and have big ideas about where our organization could go. September also means chapter officer elections, so be sure to keep us in the loop of your chapter’s activities by tagging us on social media, and using the hashtag #OKTSA. I can’t wait to see you next month. Be sure to take your Congressional Degree Test so that you can be recognized onstage at FLC. I’ll see you there!


    Wow. So much has happened since the last time I wrote one of these! I am going to keep this short, but thank for you for the opportunity to serve you for another year. This team you elected is truly special, and I'm extremely honored to represent them. National Conference was FANTASTIC, and of course Oklahoma was represented well, with us having more Finalists than last year, with 31! One of the biggest achievements however, was Claremore TSA's wins in both Middle School and High School Chapter Team. Thank you Claremore for representing OKTSA so well! We have been super busy, and I can't for you to see some of these projects in September. Until then, good luck going back to school, and as always, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!