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Prepared Presentation HS



Participants  prepare to deliver an oral presentation, using a digital slide deck, on an topic provided on-site.

Oklahoma Eligibility

Participants must compete at the regional conference in their respective region.  Entries are limited to the top ten winners from each regional conference.  

(Any exceptions to this policy would be considered by a committee selected by the advisory committee.  Exceptions would not exceed two additional students.)

State Competition Information

The presentation topic will be available Judge Pro the day before the state conference.

Students will need their participant ID number and password from their advisor to access the system.


The individuals listed below are familiar with this event and available to give guidance. Please email them if you have questions regarding this event.


Stephen O’Neal

Event Coordinator

Susan James

Event Manager

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Careers Associated

  • Broadcast Media Specialist

  • Lawyer

  • Management Consultant

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Public Relations Executive

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