Rube Goldberg(Oklahoma Only) MS


Darin Messerli:


Valerie McCauley,


The Rube Goldberg project is an extreme design and problem solving activity.  It takes a simple operation like raising a flag requiring multiple steps using all six simple machines to transfer energy and motion.  For examples, go the official Rube Goldberg website: Also Google Rube Goldberg and search YouTube Videos for Rube Goldberg.

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Entries are limited to one team of a minimum of three.  At least three contestants need to continuously be working on the rube. No more than 6 contestants are to be in the build area working on the rube at any time.  **Build time will be four hours. Final judging will begin at 1:00.


*Build time will be four hours. Final judging will begin at 1:00

*Groups must bring and wear safety glasses

​*Each team must bring their own power strips and extension cords

*Teams must bring their own materials

*Teams must turn in their designs to the judges at check in.  Designs must be completed before building occurs

Click Here for Examples of this Competition was created by Oklahoma TSA!

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