Rube Goldberg MS
(Oklahoma Only)

The Rube Goldberg project is an extreme design and problem solving activity.  It takes a simple operation like raising a flag requiring multiple steps using all six simple machines to transfer energy and motion.  For examples, go the official Rube Goldberg website: Also Google Rube Goldberg and search YouTube Videos for Rube Goldberg.

# Theme


Careers Associated

  • Designer

  • Systems Analyst

# Guidelines


Event Guidelines are located on the National TSA website under your chapter advisor login screen, select Total TSA tab.


# Eligibility

Entries are limited to one team of a minimum of three.  At least three contestants need to continuously be working on the rube. No more than 6 contestants are to be in the build area working on the rube at any time.  **Build time will be four hours. Final judging will begin at 1:00.

# State Competition Info

*Build time will be four hours. Final judging will begin at 1:00

*Groups must bring and wear safety glasses

​*Each team must bring their own power strips and extension cords

*Teams must bring their own materials

*Teams must turn in their designs to the judges at check in.  Designs must be completed before building occurs

# Updates

# Coordinators

Darin Messerli

Event Coordinator

Valerie McCauley

Event Manager