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Hey Oklahoma TSA! I’m so thankful to be serving as your 2020-21 State Reporter. Since we haven’t gotten to meet in person just yet, here are some fun facts about me: I'm officially a senior at Apache High School (Yikes!). Yes, I am actually only 5 feet tall. My favorite color is aqua, but i also love the marble/rose gold combination. My birthday is November 25, and I hope to attend Oklahoma State University next year and double major in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. You guys have such a talented State Officer Team this year, and I’m so excited to see what we can accomplish together. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and get to know me, I love to talk and meet new people! See y’all out there.

Camryn's Monthly Blog Posts

August: What's up y'all! This summer has been a crazy one for me. I've worked 350 hours on the farm, applied for OSU (you're looking at the newest member of the Pokes family), and done loads of reorganization at the school's Tech Ed building. Hopefully, you guys have had a fulfilling and fun summer despite COVID still circulating, but I think I speak for all the seniors when I say: I'm so ready to get the 2020-21 school year done with!! Anyways, I've rambled plenty. Y'all have a fun and safe school year. Catch ya soon!

June: This has been a crazy month, y’all! School is officially out, AP Tests are over, and quarantine is starting to be lifted! Our team attended virtual CTU this month to prepare us to better lead Oklahoma. I'm so excited to share with you guys some of the things we learned (hopefully in person!). Hopefully, summer isn’t a total bust for us, and even if we’re still quarantined, let’s make the best of it! Remember to connect with everyone you can, even if it’s virtually. Get outside, play in the sprinkler if you don’t have a pool. Stay positive. Find the good in our situation. This is just a season, and seasons change. Feel free to connect with me - talk, text, facetime, I’m here for YOU! Catch y’all next month :)

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