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Heyo OKTSA! I just wanted to start off by saying that I am super excited to serve on this team. We have an amazing team this year and I can promise you that you will see some pretty dope new changes coming to our state. I love getting to know new people so please feel free to DM me I'd love to talk! Some quick facts about me would be that I love playing tennis, I plan on attending UPenn and majoring in Finance and I like to think of myself of as a food conosiour haha. This year is going to be awesome and I look forward to serving such a wonderful state!!

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August: Heyo OKTSA! Man has summer flown by. I hope you all have been able to get some things done. I have been trying to hang out with friends that will be leaving for college and also preparing for college applications myself. Things have been picking up slowly and it looks like school will be actually starting for us whether that is in person or virtual this year. I hope everyone has been able to stay happy and healthy. Thanks for tuning into my blog for the month!

June: What's up OKTSA! This May has been very interesting and unique nonetheless. All the State Officers of all the CareerTech organizations in Oklahoma had a training seminar called Careertech University (CTU). At CTU I learned a lot about how to better myself as a leader and various other skills which I hope to be able to use next time I see you guys! Normally we would be getting ready to attend nationals and doing the final touches on our projects but that, unfortunately, that won't be the case this year :(

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