Tallest Tower Challenge


Members will design and build the tallest possible tower using nothing but paper and tape.  The challenge is your tower must support a heavy weight at the top without collapsing.


  1. Students can enter individually or as a team of up to four students.

  2. The tower can only be built from paper and tape. See the materials list for allowable types of paper and tape. Tools cannot be used as structural elements of the tower.

  3. You cannot use more than 30 pieces of paper.

  4. You cannot use more than one roll of tape.

  5. The bottom of the tower can only be taped to the horizontal surface that it rests on (floor, table, etc.). It cannot be taped to anything else (like the vertical leg of a table or a wall) or supported by a person.

  6. You are allowed to fold, bend, roll, cut, etc. the pieces of paper.

  7. Material cost is not prorated. If you cut a sheet of paper in half and only use half the sheet, it still counts as a whole sheet.

  8. For scoring purposes, 1 piece of paper is 1 sheet of paper.

  9. The tower must support one can of food (14–16 oz or 400–500 g) for at least 1 minute without collapsing. You cannot touch, modify, or repair the tower during this minute.

  10. The can must rest freely on the tower and be removable. It cannot be taped to the tower.

Click here for the materials list and detailed information about scoring.


Submit the entry as a PDF via this submission link by February 28, 2021. The PDF must include the following: 

  • Photo of tower prior to official test (without can of food)

  • URL Link to video of team/individual official test

  • Team's final score


The winner of the monthly challenge will be featured as the Outstanding Member of the Month on OKTSA social media.