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Technical Design MS

All event cover pages must be prepared as if the students are going
to national conference June 27-July 1, 2020 in Nashville, TN.


Trevor Fieldsend, tfieldsend@stillwaterschools.com



Jill Sullins, Jill.Sullins@edmondschools.net



Participants demonstrate their ability to use the technical design process to solve an engineering design problem on site and present the team's solution in a portfolio at the conference.


Event Guidelines are located on the National TSA website under your chapter advisor login screen, select Total TSA from the dropdown menu.



Entries are limited to one team of two per chapter.

• Must be able to hold a variety of containers, including 1-liter bottles, 2-liter bottles, pitchers, ½” gallon milk bottles, and 1-gallon milk jugs.
• Must be able to pour liquid into cups, glasses, cereal bowls, and mixing bowls for cooking.
• Must fit into a typical kitchen, so it can be based on countertops, walls, cabinets, floors, tables, etc.
• Must be able to hold drink containers with stability and not fall over onto the person who is using it.
• Include information about how the device will be powered.
• Include information about how the length of pour will be monitored and cut off.



If the event has any updates they can be located at the national website. Please click the button on the side under "Competition Updates!" to get there.

It is the contestant’s responsibility to check this site and make sure they are using the most up to date information for each contest.


Many teachers have integrated project-based learning into their classrooms, and as a result, students often work as teams at tables verses traditional individual desks. Distributing and collecting basic tools/supplies (scissors, pencils, rulers, tape, glue, etc.), in addition to ensuring all materials are replenished and accounted for, often wastes a great deal of instructional time. Teachers are always looking for new, more efficient ways to deal with these tools/supplies.

Follow the steps of the design process to develop a small and stylish storage/organizational system to leave on each table that will allow for both efficient supply inventory and immediate student access to tools/supplies.


Click Here for Examples of this Competition