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Animatronics HS

Animatronics HS

# Description

Participants demonstrate knowledge of mechanical and control systems by designing, fabricating, and controlling an animatronics device that will communicate, entertain, inform, demonstrate and/or illustrate a topic, idea, subject, or concept. Sounds, lights, and a surrounding environment must accompany the device.

# Theme

2023-2024 Theme: Create an animatronic exhibit that would be seen in a History of Space Exploration Museum.

Careers Associated
  • Film industry special effects engineer

  • Amusement park robotics maintenance engineer

# Eligibility

There is no limit to the number of entries for state.

# Coordinators

The individuals listed below are familiar with the event and available to give guidance. Please email them if you have questions regarding this event.

Zac Hayes

Event Coordinator

David Isenbart

Event Manager

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