Children's Stories MS

Children's Stories MS

Academic Level

Middle School





# Theme


Theme: Design a children's book on STEM careers for elementary students in grades 1-3.

# Description

Participants create an illustrated children’s story of high artistic, instructional, and social value. The narrative may be written in prose or poetry and take the form of a fable, adventure story, or other structure. The storybook should be of high quality, designed to meet the year's given theme.

Careers associated
  • Writer

  • Illustrator​

  • Educator

  • Editor

  • Publisher

  • Graphic Artist

# Oklahoma Eligibility

Entries are limited to two (2) books per chapter.

# State Competition Information

Judges will evaluate the entries based on a tier system. The student's book will be judged first.

Only the top 15 will have their portfolio judged and the top 12 will be interviewed for the semi-finalist portion.

# Coordinators

Valerie McCauley

Event Manager