Coding HS

Academic Level

High School





# Theme

Build a virtual fictitious conference and add all relevant elements a visitor would need to attend this event.

Theme taken from

# Description

Applying leadership and 21st century skills, participants are required to design, build, and launch a website and present a given topic pertaining to technology )referred to as the "design brief"). Semifinalists participate in an on-site interview to demonstrate the knowledge and expertise gained during the development of the website--with an emphasis on web design methods and practices, as well as their research for the annual design topic.

Careers Associated
  • Computer Engineer

  • Webmaster

  • Website Designer

  • Web Technician

# Guidelines

Event Guidelines are located on the National TSA website under your chapter advisor login screen, select Total TSA tab.

# Eligibility

Entries are limited to three teams of three to five students per chapter.

# Updates

# Coordinators

Jeremy Ford

Event Coordinator