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Technical Design MS

Technical Design MS

# Description

Participants demonstrate their ability to use the technical design process to solve an engineering design problem within a specified, limited amount of time

Careers Associated
  • Designer

  • Engineer

  • Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Engineering Manager

  • Creative Consultant

# Oklahoma Eligibility

Entries are limited to one (1) team of two (2) per chapter.

# State Competition Information

Participants will receive the design brief and where and when to submit their solution on the first day of the conference. Twenty-four (24) hours are allowed to solve the engineering design problem.

Submit the single, multi-page PDF of the portfolio documentation here

Students will need their participant ID number and password from their advisor. Only the team captain will be able to upload the file.

# Coordinators

Danielle Stewart

Event Coordinator

Melissa Stebbins

Event Manager

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