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Webmaster HS

Webmaster HS

# Description

Participants are required to design, build, and launch a website and present a given topic pertaining to technology (referred to as the "design brief"). Semifinalists participate in an on-site interview to demonstrate the knowledge and expertise gained during the development of the website--with an emphasis on web design methods and practices, as well as their research for the annual design topic.

# Theme

2023-2024 Topic: Green energy initiatives are important to reduce the negative effects of fossil-fuels on the environment. There are many renewable energy programs promoted and listed by the Environmental Protection Agency and they promote various incentives for homeowners to include more green and clean energy solutions in their homes. 

Challenge: Develop a website that compiles information for homeowners on green and clean energy home solutions and other initiatives. The website should provide basic information, cost, tax rebate information, and clean/green energy practices. 

  • Computer engineer

  • Computer programmer

  • Researcher

  • Software designer

  • Webmaster

​# Oklahoma Eligibility

Entries are limited to three (3) teams per chapter.

# State Competition information

All components of the chapter's entry must be finished, submitted, and accessible via the internet by March 27, 2024.

# Coordinators

The individuals listed below are familiar with the event and available to give guidance. Please email them if you have questions regarding this event.

Jeremy Ford

Event Coordinator

Melissa Stebbins

Event Manager

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