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Website Design MS

Website Design MS

# Description

Participants are required to design, build, and launch a website that features the team's ability to incorporate the elements of website design, graphic layout, and proper coding techniques. Semifinalists participate in an interview, with an emphasis on web design as it pertains to their solution, to demonstrate the knowledge and expertise gained during the design process.

# Theme


Design Brief: Website for a New Children’s Show - rated TV Y

Challenge: Develop a website for a fictitious children’s show rated TV Y that is interactive, engaging, graphically interesting, and easy to understand and navigate with the intent of enticing viewers to watch. The website must introduce the characters of the show, inform viewers where and when they can watch the show, and have an interactive area that is geared towards its viewers.

Careers associated
  • Computer engineer

  • Computer programmer

  • Researcher

  • Software designer

  • Webmaster

# Oklahoma Eligibility

Entries are limited to one (1) team of three to six (3-6)individuals per chapter.

# State Competition Information

All components of the chapter's entry must be finished, submitted, and accessible via the internet by March 22, 2023.

Upload the website URL here

Students will need their participant ID number and password from their advisor. Only the team captain will be able to upload the file.

# Coordinators

Jeremy Ford

Event Coordinator

Melissa Stebbins

Event Manager

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