Competitive Event Name

{Competitive Event Name} is all about doing {task related to competitive event}. Each year, many people attend this event and work together to solve the prompt given by the judges. This block of text is placeholder; do not use it. Also, please keep the dimensions of this paragraph block the same if possible.

# Theme


The placeholder theme can be found at https://place.holder.text

Careers associated

  • Career 1

  • Career 2

# Guidelines


The event guidelines are brief but detailed. Make sure they are read, and the link to it is https://place.holder.text

# Eligibility

Entries are limited to placeholder number of people per chapter

# State Competition Info

For state competition in OK, we changed how you can sign up for this event. Usually, you would click this button {x}, but here you would click button {y} to sign up.

# Updates

Updates placeholder

# Coordinators