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Officer Duties and Symbols

President - Gavel

The duties vested in me by my office is to preside at regular and special meetings of this organization and to promote the cooperation in carrying out the activities and work of our organization.

Vice President - Star

It is the duty of my office to see that we always have a strong membership, a good work program, and are alert to the welfare of our chapter.

Secretary - Pen

It is my responsibility to see that accurate and proper records are kept of all business and correspondence of this association.

Treasurer - Balanced Budget

It is the duty of my office to keep accurate records of all funds and to see that our financial obligations are met promptly.

Reporter - Beacon Tower

It is the duty of my office to see that our school, community, state, and national association have a complete report of our organization's activities.

Sergeant-at-Arms - Hearty Handshake

It is the responsibility of my office to see that the assembly is comfortable and properly welcomed. It is also my duty to serve as doorkeeper for this organization.

Parliamentary Procedures



The Function of the Gavel is to aid in conducting an orderly meeting.

One Tap- A main motion has been passed or rejected.

                 OR Members sit down
                 OR The meeting is adjourned

Two Taps- Calls the meeting to order

Three Taps- All members stand during the opening and closing ceremonies

Parliamentary Procedure  -  Use During a Meeting


Main motion-  Present business for action

Postpone indefinitely-  Kill the motion

Lay on the table-  Set matter aside for an emergency reason

Amend-  Change or modify

Commit or refer to a committee-  Let a few members attend to the matter

Previous question-  Stop a debate and amendments and order an immediate vote

Suspend the rules-  Do something contrary to the rules

Withdraw a motion-  Prevent a motion from being voted on

Objection to consideration-  Determine whether a question is in accord with bylaws

Adjourn-  Dismiss members from meeting

Fix the time to which to adjourn-  Set a time for next meeting

Reconsider-  Provide an opportunity to vote a second time on a matter

Parliamentary inquiry-  Ask question relating to parliamentary procedure

Point of order-  Call attention to procedural error

Appeal-  Allow a member to question the decision of the chair

Take from the table-  Take up an item that was laid on the table

Limit debate-  Establish length of time for discussion

Postpone definitely-  Defer a matter to a specified time

Rescind-  Cancel action taken by chapter

Division of the assembly-  Question the chair's decision on a voice vote

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