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Senatorial Degree Guidelines

The second stage of the TSA Advanced Degree program is the Senatorial Degree. This degree is available to all TSA members who have earned the TSA Congressional Degree.

  • Be a TSA member of good standing

  • Must have run for a local TSA chapter office

  • Attend a TSA Fall Leadership Conference

  • Must maintain a "B" average or better in all STEM classes.

  • Must give at least one public presentation about TSA or STEM.

  • Must serve on at least one local TSA chapter activity committee.

  • Must attend and compete in at least one competitive event at the TSA State Conference.

  • Take the TSA Senatorial Degree written exam, scoring 90 percent or above

  • A time limit of 30 minutes shall be given for the exam

  • The exam shall consist of multiple-choice questions

The information that members will be tested over will include:

  • TSA motto

  • TSA colors and their meaning

  • Officer symbols

  • Duties of the officers

  • The goals and purposes of the organization

  • The names, schools, and offices of the state officers, representatives, and alternates

  • The key personnel of TSA (e.g., National Director, State Director, etc.)

  • The TSA official dress

  • National TSA information

  • Advanced Leadership Degrees

  • TSA Creed

The Senatorial Degree exam shall be administered by the chapter advisor and the application submitted by April 1st. Members who meet all of the above requirements shall be recognized during the TSA State Leadership Conference. Members receiving the TSA Senatorial Degree will be awarded the appropriate lapel pin. Receiving the TSA Senatorial Degree makes the TSA member eligible to pursue the Presidential Degree.


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