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2024-2025 State Officer Candidates

Darick Pham.jpg

Darick Pham

Hi Oklahoma TSA! My name is Darick Pham, and I am running to be your NEXT State President! These past two years, I have had the honor of serving as your Western Region President and State Secretary where I and other officers from across the state worked to enhance your OKTSA experience! From developing and editing the TechTapes video series to introducing a one-stop resource page on the website, the past two years with this Phamily have been nothing short of stellar. And as we embark on this new journey together, this commitment will continue. I will make sure that we all grow together by starting to integrate Discord into our social media presence (announcements/newsletters, fun activities, and so much more), continue to improve the website, and create more videos to make your TSA experience more effective and enjoyable. That way, when it comes time to move forward in our journey, this Phamily will have a flourishing platform to accelerate our success together!

Elizabeth Grounds.jpg

Elizabeth Grounds

Howdy OKTSA! My name is Elizabeth (Lizzie) Grounds, and I’m running with enthusiasm to be your next president! As a sophomore at Broken Arrow High School with numerous years of TSA experience, I am dedicated to building up Oklahoma TSA across all levels. I have three main goals to help achieve this. Firstly, I aim to expand the available TSA resources. This initiative began last year through our informative competition series. I plan on continuing this, as well as enhancing our website to include more guiding material. Focusing on member’s individual growth, I am to expand the visibility of OKTSA, opening doors to internships and job shadowing opportunities. Lastly, I envision making conferences more captivating by incorporating student favorites like pins and networking. With this interactivity, the TSA experience can be etched in the memories of our members. In my vision, TSA is more than just an organization; it's a home for each and every one of us. Make sure to stop by my booth—I am genuinely looking forward to connecting with everyone! Together, let's break new ground, and build TSA into a home for all of us. I'll see you at the 2024 State Conference!

Aarush Abrol.jpg

Aarush Abrol

What's up OKTSA? My name is Aarush Abrol and I want to run for the 2024-2025 State Office. I've enjoyed every second of the time I've spent in TSA. Both TSA and the friends I've made along the way have expanded my horizons and given me the push I needed to pursue my passions. I'm sure that without TSA's uplifting community, I would be a very different person Just as TSA helped me love STEAM again, I want to help TSA reach more students and rekindle their love of STEAM. I believe the best way to achieve these goals would be by strengthening TSA's online presence. In our modern era, the best way to reach many people quickly is through short-form content, YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, or TikTok. Many passionate middle schoolers never find TSA until their love of tinkering and creating is long gone. By increasing TSA's digital footprint, I hope to introduce our younger audience to STEAM and revive their love of STEAM. Everyone deserves a chance to fall in love with something new, and that is why I think you should roll with Abrol.

Alexa Chavez.jpg

Alexa Chavez

Hey OKTSA! My name is Alexa Chavez. I am a sophomore at Carnegie High School. I would love to get re-elected as a state officer to keep serving this amazing organization. TSA means so much to me because this is where I met some of my best friends, gained knowledge for my future, and got to meet all of you amazing members! If I were to get elected, I would fulfill my duties to the best of my ability, be a strong and efficient leader, and overall do my best to make TSA even better than it already is! I hope you consider voting for me so we can have an awesome time this year!

Asbah Talal.jpg

Asbah Talal

Hey OKTSA! My name is Asbah Talal and I'm so thrilled to be running for your 2024-2025 State Officer! As a previous state officer, I had the privilege of partaking in OKTSA's newsletters, videos, conferences, and social media, and I'm eager to take it further. Looking back, my first state conference was truly unforgettable--I felt a mix of excitement and uncertainty. There's no doubt that the hard work and dedication were undeniably worth it. Each competition, conversation, and connection has played an important role in the person I am today. I hope to give back to the organization we call TSA. With your vote, I aim to bring that sense of wonder and opportunity to every member of OKTSA, I plan on revamping our website, increasing our social media presence, boosting the discord, and delivering engaging video content, including vlogs. I also want to hear directly from you all through regular surveys, ensuring your voices shape our initiatives. Remember, we can do it all with Asbah Talal.

Aurial Teemoi.jpg

Aurial Teemoi

I, Aurial Teemoi, am running to be a TSA state officer for Oklahoma because I want to build a community of passion for the organization among current and upcoming members. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to participate in TSA in both my middle and high school tenures and have seen its impact on each individual. Competing and winning in one's respective event is one thing that has made this program magnificent, but what makes TSA special is the community it forms amongst people. From one's teammates to their competitors, there's a sense of camaraderie formed from the shared experiences with each other. I want to foster this more. As an officer, I would work towards bringing people together and feeling involved in the organization they take part in. In conferences, many find themselves lacking stuff to do since the time is long and they have few events. Fixing this can be done by providing mini-games during downtime or getting opportunities to trial their events more before state competitions. With my experience in head leadership through several other organizations and varsity athletics, I believe my experience can help bring this vision to fruition as a state officer.

Bella Dietrich.jpg

Bella Dietrich

Hey OKTSA! My name is Bella Dietrich. I am a sophomore attending Carnegie High School. I've been a member of OKTSA for four years now and I am currently a State Officer. I have fulfilled my duties as a State Officer to the best of my ability and am ready for the opportunity to serve you all for another year. My time in TSA has consistently taught me how to be a leader and how to work efficiently in a team setting. Through TSA, I have grown not only as a member but as a person and am a very reliable candidate for the state office position. I am so excited to work towards being your state officer once again, and continue putting my all into OKTSA and my team in the future! Feel free to contact me with any further questions to

Ciana Dupriest.jpg

Ciana Dupriest

Hello everyone, I am Ciana Dupriest from Yukon High School and I am running to be one of your state officers My goal for my term is to promote membership and inspire TSA members. I value inclusion and a good working environment. I want to spread this to the rest of TSA. If elected, I will do my best to carry out my goals.

Jemay Leow.jpg

Jemay Leow

My name is Jemay Leow, and I am in 11th grade. I am the chapter president at Francis Tuttle Rockwell. In 2023, I placed 1st in the "Career Prep" and "Future Technology and Engineering Teacher" events. I have gained so much technical and interpersonal experience from this organization. I have explored fields that I am interested in pursuing a career in. I have also learned how to advocate for myself and fields that I am interested in pursuing a career in. I have also learned how to advocate for myself and communicate effectively. So, I am running for state officer because I want to give back to TSA. As state officer, I would serve TSA members by supporting TSA chapters. This would include designing promotional materials and creating digital guides on chapter fundraising and recruiting new members.

Jonathan Stebbins.jpg

Jonathan Stebbins

Hello OKTSA! I'm Jonathan Stebbins and I would be honored to be one of your state officers. As a State Officer, I will take the opportunity to grow my leadership skills further by leading my fellow members by example and by embracing opportunities such as getting to run for State Officer team and working to be a soccer captain. As a state officer, I will work with my team and all of the chapters in the state to grow together. TSA is one big family and it should be a safe, comfortable space that all friends and family can enjoy. As I am running for state office, I highly encourage all members to run as well in the future for any position whether it be state, regional, or even local. One of my goals as an officer will be to strive to have no fighting and make sure clear discussions are made with all members of the team getting a chance to voice their opinions. These are some ways I think I would make a great officer. 

Josmar Munoz.jpg

Josmar Munoz

My name is Josmar Munoz. I aspire to serve as a candidate for state office to contribute my skills, leadership, and dedication to TSA. If given the opportunity to serve as a state officer I will help to ensure Oklahoma TSA gains more members and keep a steady growth. I will also help National TSA reach its goal to having 500,000 members by its 50th anniversary. With having strong communication skills I can interact with potential members. Thank you for your consideration, I hope to become one of your next state officers.

Jozlin Campbell.jpg

Jozlin Campbell

Hey OKTSA! I am Jozlin Campbell of Alva High School, and I am running to be one of your next TSA State Officers. Through being my chapter's and the Western Region's President, I have gained much knowledge and experience that, when paired with my passion and desire for TSA, I firmly believe I have all the needed qualifications to be a part of the team. I have so many ideas and plans I would love to have the chance to implement on a greater scale, including getting people to see what TSA is really about. I thank TSA every day for the person it has shaped me into and the skills I have developed along the way. I want to grow, prosper, and lead with the TSA community. TSA has allowed me to shine like I never have before, so now it is time for me to give TSA some of that spotlight.

McKenna Martin.jpg

McKenna Martin

I am McKenna Martin and I want to be a state officer because I want to inspire all of our members to be the best versions of themselves. I aspire to be a role model for them as past state officers have been for me. I want to be a safe space that members can confide in. I also would like to further develop my leadership skills in real-world settings. I want to make a real difference in TSA. I'm committed to making a positive impact and look forward to the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to our organization.

Sophia Highley.jpg

Sophia Highley

My name is Sophia Highley and I am running to be one of your next TSA officers. My mission as your officer would be to provide the members with the best experience possible. I want TSA to be a home away from home; a place where students can both have fun and compete. I can honestly say I will prioritize this organization over anything. I will work indefinitely to ensure the members, advisors, and alumni continue to be proud of our organization and all of its achievements. In my past leadership roles, I've fostered collaborations achieved common goals, and enhanced the collective knowledge of not only our association but also of STEM as a field. These skills make me an ideal fit for the officer team. I believe my participation at the State level guarantees TSA will continue to flourish as an association.

Wenddy He.jpg

Wenddy He

Hi Oklahoma TSA! My name is Wenddy He and I am currently a junior at Edmond North High School. Since joining TSA six years ago, it has changed my life in unimaginable ways, allowing me to step out of my comfort zone. The experience I had in my TSA chapter, I want for others to experience too, making bonds and connections that are unbreakable. I want to give back to TSA as much as they have given me the chance to grow as a person. I want more members to feel connected to the community, especially new chapters since they may have not received much guidance from others. Being in this club for so many years, I also felt the disconnect between middle and high school chapters as you transition into them. Many quit or get burned out and I want to try to help you maintain the same level of passion and fun throughout your TSA journey. I believe every member has the potential to learn and grow and I will put my utmost effort to represent each and every one of you.

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