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2023-2024 State Officer Candidates

Andrea Shah

Hey, Oklahoma TSA! My name is Andrea and I’m currently serving as your State Secretary as a Junior at Edmond Santa Fe High School. Six years ago, I joined TSA. My love for TSA only continues to grow further each day. This love drives me to give back to the delegation and has allowed me to grow knowledge, confidence, and a loving community. It is this love that drives me to run as your State President. I am determined to accomplish my goals with you all this year, starting with making leadership roles in state-wide committees, showcasing your creativity, and painting the world you see via news updates on the OKTSA website. However, first and foremost, I want to represent each one of you and allow you all to paint the canvas that is our state delegation by hearing your needs and concerns and being your advocate. TSA, to me, is to learn, lead, flourish, and create. Art is limitless, just like us. From painted bowls of fruit to forest landscapes, we can join together and Create with Andrea.

Asbah Talal.jpg

Asbah Talal

Hey OKTSA! My name is Abah Talal and I am very thrilled to be running for state officer. Because of TSA, I was able to grow as a student, teammate, and leader. The friendships and experiences I made through TSA will stay with me forever. Competing and attending all the different conferences sparked my love for TSA. I want to give other members the same amazing experience I had. My main objectives for OKTSA this year are to strengthen ties between chapters and improve accessibility for all students who wish to compete. I want to strengthen communication and increase connectivity between middle school and high school chapters across Oklahoma so that they are better prepared for conferences.  Being passionate about STEM education, I believe every student should have the opportunity to explore their interests, develop their skills, and express their creativity which is exactly what TSA offers. Likewise, I hope to increase membership and help chapters grow in OKTSA by emphasizing outreach to all regions of Oklahoma. I’m willing to put my full effort into it, and I truly hope I can make a great impact on OKTSA. 

Alexa Chavez.jpg

Alexa Chavez

Hello, my name is Alexa Chavez. I am a student at Carnegie High School. I would love to become one of your state officers because TSA means so much to me and I really think that I can make TSA better. I have been a member of TSA for three years. I have been a chapter officer for three years, and a regional officer for one year. I would love to keep moving up and become a state officer. I think I did a great job fulfilling my duties as an officer and I would love to do the same as a state officer. Please consider voting for me.

Bella Dietrich.jpg

Bella Dietrich

Hello, my name is Bella Dietrich. I am a freshman at Carnegie High School. This is my third year in TSA and I am currently a western regional representative. I’ve loved my time in TSA and its something that has pushed me out of my shell and encouraged me to become a better me. I feel I will be an asset to OKTSA and my future team.

Darick Pham.jpg

Darick Pham

Hi Oklahoma TSA! My name is Darick Pham, and I am running to be one of your 2023-2024 State Officers. This past year, I served as the Western Region President, and I’ve gained a whole new plethora of skills as I worked with officers from across the state to make OKTSA better for everyone. With your vote, I will be innovative with social media to reach this generation of OKTSA members. The possibilities are endless with State Officer Vlogs, Competition Tips and Tricks/How-To Video Guides, and fun Instagram posts.  These efforts will ensure a stable platform for all members to succeed now and in the future! And remember, nothing is stronger than Phamily!

Eric Wang.jpg

Eric Wang

During my time in Oklahoma TSA, I have made invaluable memories and connections with other members at state and especially at nationals. I remember the joy of competing in On-Demand Video. I remember the fascination I felt listening to how state officers of other states run their teams. In addition, TSA sparked growth in me as a leader. I became less afraid of taking initiative. I became less afraid of asking questions and listening to feedback from others. However, there are still many members who have not found their way in TSA as I have. To address this problem, our current state officer team and I have been working on making Oklahoma TSA more approachable and friendly to members. With the establishment of an internal video committee, the team has been working on developing educational videos. The recent video log on our social media platforms also hopes to provide transparency in the team and promote a sense of a tight-knit community. These efforts aim to make members comfortable while providing a clearer path to becoming more involved in TSA. For the next office, I hope I can continue the work laid down by our current team. I hope to help another member discover their passion in our amazing organization.

Elizabeth Grounds.jpg

Elizabeth Grounds

My name is Elizabeth Grounds, and I am so excited to get the chance to be an Oklahoma TSA officer! I would like to be a state officer so that we can improve TSA as a whole. If I get elected as a state officer, I plan on accomplishing three main things to improve TSA. First, I would like to improve member connections. By adding more chances for members to meet up and connect, I believe we can mold Oklahoma TSA into one large cohesive team. Second, I plan on creating a series of information videos for each and every TSA competition. The videos would include some basic information on the competitions and a couple of resources to get the competitions started. Finally, I would like to give TSA members the opportunity to be more involved in TSA  decisions. By adding surveys and polls, I believe that we can better incorporate members' ideas and opinions into the organization. Overall, I’m so excited to have the opportunity to be a TSA state officer candidate!

McKenna Martin.jpg

McKenna Martin

My name is Mckenna Martin and I believe I would be a great State Officer. I am very reliable and always willing to help. Currently, I am mentoring other people in my chapter with many different projects. I am also comfortable with a leadership role due to my experience as a Western Regional Officer. I wish to be a State Officer because I would like to make Oklahoma TSA the best that it can be. I want to not only better myself, but better Oklahoma TSA. I would love to be your state officer because I want to make a difference in TSA.

Paisley Nichols.jpg

Paisley Nichols

My name is Paisley Nichols and I want to run for state office to contribute to Oklahoma’s TSA. Not only would I love to help expand Oklahoma’s TSA, but I would also love to have a stronger sense of community in it as well. I believe I have much to offer such as my ability to communicate well with others and my strong work ethic. My experiences as President, Treasurer, and Secretary in my three years in the student council have made me a better leader. I have also developed a better understanding of TSA due to my role as a chapter officer and western regional officer for multiple years.

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