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LEAD Conference

Event Concluded

2022-2023 LEAD Conference has concluded. Please check back at the start of the next school year.

The LEAD Conference is a one-day training opportunity designed for TSA officer teams and advisors.  This workshop will cover a variety of topics including conducting effective meetings, officer duties, and competitive events.  Officer teams and advisors will work together to develop a first draft of the annual Program of Work, discuss competitive events, and much more.

Important Information

The conference is free for up to 6 TSA officers.

Time will be given for officers to enjoy lunch on their own.

The dress code for students and advisors is business casual. T-shirts and athletic wear are not acceptable.

Students will have the opportunity to earn the Statesman Award.  This award is to recognize participants who have demonstrated their leadership skills and mastered specific requirements in leadership training. Recipients of the award will need to know the motto, TSA colors and meaning, be able to recite the creed, name the components of the program of work, and name at least 6 state officers and the office they hold.

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