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February Round-up

Welcome to the OKTSA monthly newsletter! The state and regional officer teams have been hard at work so you can enjoy the TSA season. Be sure to read the upcoming important dates at the end.

February News

Student Backstage Manager Application

The Student Backstage Manager will assist in the creation and production of the TSA State Leadership Conference general sessions. Students may assist with award setup, and session coordination, and may be on headsets to help manage the backstage during the live productions and Awards Session. Candidate must be a member of TSA and attend the State Leadership Conference. All activities and production meetings will take place in the general session room at the conference. Factor 110 will work with students’ competitive events and chapter schedules.

Students will receive hands-on experience coordinating a live production as well as a $100 stipend.

APPLY by March 1st!

SENIORS: New Event at State! 

To celebrate the achievements of our seniors at SLC, we will host a Senior Recognition Night! Take the night to meet with fellow seniors, enjoy desserts, and cheer each other on for the bright future ahead. Fill out this form to be on the slideshow!

OKTSA STEM $500 Scholarship

Oklahoma TSA is offering $500 scholarships to two Oklahoma high school seniors who have been accepted into an accredited university, community college or technology center for the Fall 2024 session. Applicants must be TSA members and plan to pursue a degree or certification in a STEM related field.

Make Your Chapter #1!

We have a Chapter of Excellence program that promotes chapters that exhibit quality and success through affiliation, membership, chapter management, community service, leadership, conference attendance, and national service project participation and promotion.

Applications are due by March 1st, and we are promoting this program in advance so you have time to go out, do great things, and apply by then.

Attend Conferences Before State

OKTSA is fortunate to have several dedicated chapter advisors and officers hosting conferences before the annual state conference. These conferences will allow you to practice competitive events and receive valuable feedback from judges. Talk with your advisor to see which ones your chapter can attend.

Mini Competitions

Expand your horizons by competing in competitions catered towards your unique interests! Take this quiz to find your top 5 and try them out this competition season. You can find more info on mini competitions on our website.

Regional Conferences

Regional Conferences are held in both the East and West regions of Oklahoma in March. These conferences are not only for qualifying in those events but also for additional practice in other competitive events before the state conference.


Get Recognized

OKTSA is happy to announce that we’ve started Member Monday, where we give recognition to one of our OKTSA members every other week. Submit a TSA member you know who should be recognized for their service and character!

Check out our previous Member Mondays:

National Technical Honor Society

The NTHS is now a proud partner of OKTSA. Applications to the NTHS have opened. Check out our post about it!


Riddle Me This...

Trivia: In what year did the Titanic sink?


True or False: The Great Wall of China is visible from the moon.


Riddle Me This: The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?


Scroll to the end to find out!


December and January Recap

S T A T E - W I D E

OKTSA Officers Speak to State Board of CareerTech 

President Andrea Shah, Vice President Eric Wang, and Secretary Darick Pham were invited to speak at the State Board of CareerTech's monthly meeting on January 18th. Here, they explained TSA's commitment to equipping students for success, gave updates on the team's progress on shared goals, and shared their journeys within TSA. Additionally, they networked with the superintendents of other vocational tech schools, State Director of CareerTech Brent Haken, and State Superintendent of Education Ryan Walters. Check out the updated post here!

Hello, ACS Formal! ACS Night Change

The State Officers decided to begin a new tradition at the State Conference. In place of our annual ACS Fun Night, there will be a semi-formal dance for all to enjoy the night before the award ceremony! Planning ensued in December and continues today.

New TechTapes Episode To Come

The OKTSA team finished editing the second YouTube video of the year and will be published next week. Here, we'll discuss ways to succeed in your speech-related competitions. In November, the team scripted and recorded. In December and January, heavy editing took place. Stay tuned for its release this month, and be sure to click the link below and subscribe to our channel for more information throughout the year!


Eastern Region

During December, your Eastern region team has been working in preparation for the regional conference. They have been working hard to provide you with a smooth and professional opening and closing ceremony. They plan to have several more in-person meetings to discuss the conference in January. During January we held several meetings. We are preparing for our regional conference in March. Specifically, we have been going over our opening and closing sessions in detail. The team wants your regional conference to run as smoothly as possible. We hope you have a wonderful time competing at upcoming mini-conferences. See you in March! Be sure to follow them (@okeasternregion) and stay updated!

Western Region

During December, the Western Region Officers enjoyed the holidays and started on the script for the Regional Conference, preparing for the general and awards sessions. They made outlines as well to help with planning. January consisted of scripting and practicing for our Regional Conference, putting plans into action, assisting with the Midwinter Conference, and making fun posts for Instagram! Overall, January has been a great and productive month! Be sure to follow them (@oktsawesternregion) and stay updated!


Trivia Answers

Trivia: 1912

T/F: False

Riddle: Footsteps

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