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Working together
to lead in a

technical world

TSA is an organization dedicated to promoting STEM and leadership through competitions for every student in the United States.

Online Presence

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Check us out on our Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter! We regularly post updates about TSA events throughout the year, member recognition posts, and announcements from our own team. Our Youtube also has resources for chapters to use. So don't forget to check them out!


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Why join TSA

We take STEM and leadership to the next level. Period.

Hands-on competitions

Find events from our available competitions to test your skills with real-world applications.


Compete with other people in Oklahoma and nationally to earn prizes and recognition.

Leadership oriented

You're in total control! Use your resources and your skills to find what works for your projects.

Highly collaborative

Need a hand? Perhaps two, four, or even twenty?! This ain't no group science project! 

Large community

Supported by hundreds of schools all across Oklahoma

We connect hundreds of schools from everywhere in
Oklahoma. No matter where you are, you will always find a school to participate in TSA.


Schools in TSA across Oklahoma


Student members participating in TSA in Oklahoma

Student-led organization

Pioneering the student-first principle with TSA

Take your experience in TSA beyond competitions by running as a state or regional officer. Come together to meet new people and work to lead thousands of students in TSA.


Ready to get started?

Check out the links below to become a TSA member and start competing! If you are a teacher, find out how you can register your school in TSA. If you need help with registration, contact

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