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December Round-up

Welcome to the OKTSA monthly newsletter! The state and regional officer teams have been hard at work so you can enjoy the TSA season. Be sure to read the upcoming important dates at the end.

November Recap


Incoming Tech Tapes Episodes

Last month, The OKTSA team released the very first YouTube video of the year with the pilot of a new series called TechTapes. Here, we will discuss ways to succeed in your competitions throughout the year. "The Ins and Outs of Documentation and Portfolios" outlines how to ensure your entry gets judged, understand what the table of contents should hold, and much more. In November, the team scripted, recorded, and are currently editing a video debriefing the speech events. Stay tuned for its release this December, and be sure to click the link below and subscribe to our channel for more information throughout the year!

Parliamentary Procedure Training

Claremore TSA hosted a Parliamentary Procedure training on November 28th at CareerTech. Here, 14 chapters learned the depths of how to make a motion, new acronyms to assist them on the written tests, and got to practice with live feedback from Claremore TSA’s renowned advisor, Mr. Isenbart!

Eastern Region

Eastern region officers have been focusing on keeping the region posted via Instagram. They have also been working towards planning their regional conference on March 6th, 2024. Be sure to follow them (@okeasternregion) and stay updated!

Western Region

The Western Regional Officers of OKTSA continued discussing plans for the Western Regional Conference on March 1st, 2024. Additionally, they made their first post on their Instagram. Be sure to follow them (@oktsawesternregion) and stay updated!


Riddle Me This...

Trivia: Who was the messenger of the Roman gods?


True or False: A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope.


Riddle Me This: What word is pronounced the same if you take away four of its five letters?


Scroll to the end to find out!


December News

Want to find new competitions?

Expand your horizons by competing in competitions catered to your unique interests! Take this quiz to find your top 5 and try them out this competition season.

Get Recognized

OKTSA is happy to announce that we’ve started Member Monday, where we give recognition to one of our OKTSA members every other week. Submit a TSA member you know who should be recognized for their service and character!

Check out our previous Member Mondays:

OKTSA STEM Collegiate $500 Scholarship

Oklahoma TSA is offering $500 scholarships to two Oklahoma high school seniors who have been accepted into an accredited university, community college or technology center for the Fall 2024 session. Applicants must be TSA members and plan to pursue a degree or certification in a STEM related field.

Become a Leader For Your Fellow Members!

Applications to become a regional or state officer candidate are available on the OKTSA website! We highly encourage everyone to apply as it is a transformative leadership experience and an opportunity to make a change. Applications are due by February 1st, but time flies quickly so apply now if you're interested!

Make Your Chapter #1!

We have a Chapter of Excellence program that promotes chapters that exhibit quality and success through affiliation, membership, chapter management, community service, leadership, conference attendance, and national service project participation and promotion.

Applications are due by March 1st, and we are promoting this program in advance so you have time to go out, do great things, and apply by then.

National Technical Honor Society

The NTHS is now a proud partner of OKTSA. Applications to the NTHS will be open on December 1. Check out our post on Instagram about it!


Trivia Answers

Trivia: Mercury

T/F: True

Riddle: Queue

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